lensinsertionQuestions to Ask Your Patients:

Are your patients part of the 60% who experience dryness and discomfort?
Ask the following questions before fitting - if they experience one or more of these symptoms,
Extreme H2O lenses will be the solution they are looking for.

                                      • Do you experience dryness or discomfort, particularly toward the end of the day?

                                      • Difficulty wearing lenses more than 8 hours per day?

                                      • Uncomfortable in your current lens?

                                      • How many hours/days do you wear your lenses?

                                      • Have trouble inserting and removing your lenses?

                                      • Need for frequent use of rewetting drops?

                                      • Reduced visual clarity toward the end of day?

                                      • How frequently do you use rewetting drops?

                                      • Dryness and discomfort caused by:
                                        • Allergies or medication?
                                        • Computer use or reading?
                                        • Dry air or poor air quality?