doccoatBecome an Extreme H2O Practitioner

Provide your patients with the all-day comfort and clarity they are looking for - Become an Extreme H2O Affiliate. Extreme H2O is beneficial for patients AND practitioners:

                                  • Practitioners provide patients with the number one thing they want – excellent all-day comfort which is a result of our material and fitting options.

                                  • Practitioners can differentiate themselves by offering choices which no other disposable lens manufacturer offers.

                                  • Patient satisfaction results in retention, enhancing practice profitability.


What your collegaues are saying about Extreme H2O contact lenses

“Extreme H2O 13.6 is a great lens for children and first time wearers who have slightly smaller corneas or apertures. The lens is small in diameter, 13.6, yet centers extremely well."  Steven Cohn, OD
“I am differentiating my practice with a premium toric lens that is easy to fit, and gives my patients exceptional end of day comfort without compromised vision. Extreme H2O 54% Toric LC is an ideal upgrade for my low astigmatic spherical lens wearers.”  Jeffrey Goldberg, OD

“I have been fortunate to have watched the soft lens become successful with the advent of the 14.5 diameter and larger. Large designs drape the cornea and are very comfortable. Extreme H2O Weekly 14.8 returns us to this philosophy and is becoming a mainstay in my practice.”   Phil Stockstad, OD