Extreme H2O Daily  

The only one-day disposable lens available in three diameters: 13.6, 14.2, 14.8 

This enables you to successfully fit your small, standard and large diameter patients, providing them with a better fit and a more comfortable wearing experience.




3D Comfort


3D comfort med


We take comfort to the extreme  

Disposable contact lenses generally come in one standard diameter.  However, patients eyes are not one standard size.

Studies indicate that 27% of patients have an HVID < 11.3 or >12.4 and would benefit from a small or large diameter.  If these patients are put in a standard 14.2 diameter, their lens will not fit them correctly resulting in a less comfortable wearing experience

Challenge Your Practice

Quickly learn why fit equals comfort for millions of contact lens wearers.  For your next 20 patients patients, take an extra two minutes to measure their HVID. It's quick, easy and the results will surprise you.  Get Started Right Here!


HVID Studies






Pacific University recently conducted a study on corneal diameter and findings indicate that
27% of contact lens fits fall outside the standard parameters and would benefit from a small or large diameter. 

  • 14% of patients have an HVID 11.3 and smaller
  • 13% of patients have an HVID 12.3 and larger

To further substantiate the above findings, we conducted our own clinical evaluation on HVID and comfort. In addition 
to patients falling outside standard parameters, we found that there were also comfort issues with these patients. 

  • Reported comfort issues from 37% of patients with HVID < 11.3
  • Reported comfort issues from 53% of patients with HVID > 12.3

 See more on HVID studies



Material Benefits



Advanced Moisture Retention With Outstanding Durability

Our patented GMA/hydrogel copolymer hioxifilcon A has advanced hydration properties that allow it to retain 99% of its moisture. All lens dimensions and oxygen permeability present in the first hour of wear will be present in the last hour of wear. Lens comfort, movement, and fit will be stable throughout the day.

  • Ultra stable copolymer provides exceptional on-eye stability throughout the wearing period.

  • Lenses do not shrink, tighten, or change shape on the eye.

  • Crisp, clear vision is provided throughout the entire wearing period.

  • Non-ionic material resists deposits, keeping lenses clear & free of unhealthy protein deposits.


Product Specifications


Extreme H2O Daily Product Specifications

 Material / Handling Tint  41% hioxifilcon A, 59% water / light blue handling tint 
 Polymer Type  GMA / HEMA copolymer, group 2, high water, non-ionic
 Oxygen Permeability  28 Dk (Fatt units @ 35c)
 Packaging  Blister Pack - 30 per box and/or 90 per box
 Wear Indication   Daily replacement 
 Center thickness  0.070mm @ -3.00
 Diameter  13.6 14.2 14.8
 Base Curves  Median - 8.2  Median - 8.5  Median - 8.7
 .50D steps after -6.00
-0.50 to -10.00
+0.50 to +6.00 
-0.50 to -10.00
+0.50 to +6.00 
-0.50 to -10.00
+0.50 to +6.00