Extreme H2O Contact Lenses

Complement your current contact lens business by providing a solution for your patients with specific fitting needs and those that drop out of wearing contact lenses.

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Size Matters

Studies indicate that standard parameters won't work for everyone.  To ensure the right fit on your patients, you need small and large diameter options.

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Referrals Matter

Patients who drop out of your practice are not likely to refer it.  Referrals are the best way to grow your business. Good news - you can keep them from dropping.

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We have joined forces to create
a whole new value in the optical industryX-Cel rgb 72dpi

Hydrogel Vision and X-Cel Contacts have joined forces to become
X-Cel Specialty Contacts  making us the ONLY company that manufactures specialty disposable, custom soft, and gas permeable contact lenses.

We are confident that this merge will better serve you. Now under one roof you have access to specialty contact lenses on the molded side, and specialty contact lenses on the custom side – made in our ultra-hydrating Extreme H2O materials.

We have always been committed to providing ECPs with lens fitting solutions for your patients' specific needs.   We can now take that to the next level by offering the widest selection of contact lenses in the industry to ensure proper fit, visual acuity and all day comfort.